Current Water Supply Sources in the Tampa Bay Region

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Current Source Distribution

Tampa Bay Water is the only utility in the United States that takes advantage of a distinct blend of three sources to deliver affordable, high-quality drinking water to the 2.5 million businesses and residents it serves. The charts below show how much water we are delivering to the Tampa Bay region, from each of our three sources.

Production Data

Values in Million Gallons Per Day (MGD)

August 2019

Groundwater: 109.9
Surface Water: 54.1
Desalination: 0

Fiscal Year to Date

Groundwater: 109.6
Surface Water: 57.5
Desalination: 7.1

Consolidated Wellfield 12
Month Running Average

81.53 MGD
Tampa Bay Water is permitted to withdraw 90 mgd of water from its consolidated wellfields. Visit our groundwater page for more information.