Tampa Bay Water Supply Management

water supply

Tampa Bay Water Operator at Console

Supply Management

Tampa Bay Water manages its supply through a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring water quality, environmental sustainability, source reliability and adequate supplies for the future.

We are using technology in innovative ways to improve water supply management, operations and environmental programs. We are working with other experts on research to increase our knowledge and use it to develop new applications and design new paths to use existing technology for the benefit of the Tampa Bay region.

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Tampa Bay Water continuously plans for the future drinking water supply of our region.
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Understanding the impacts of climate variability is essential for Florida's public water supply utilities, which are among the United States' most vulnerable to sea-level change, storm...
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Floridan Aquifer rendering


The Integrated Hydrologic Model (IHM) is a sophisticated and powerful computer tool. It estimates how an action in one part of the area’s natural stream or aquifer system affects other parts of the system.
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Tampa Bay Water provides regional water demand forecasts for its six member governments to project the amount of water supply needed within Tampa Bay Water’s service area.
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As part of its Water Shortage Mitigation Plan, Tampa Bay Water monitors climatic and water supply conditions.
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